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Culture has been dictating impossible beauty and style ideals for decades.
As/Is is a new kind of space, here to embrace you and empower you to live your most authentic life with confidence.
Bring your complexity, your freckles, your flaws – we accept you As/Is.
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Daniela Cadena
Beauty and Style Writer
In her past life, Daniela worked as a creative in advertising for clients such as CoverGirl, Secret, and Aussie. She was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, but soon after, Miami became her second home. Growing up in such a diverse city made Daniela learn about different cultures, which is something she is still very passionate about. Daniela loves modern art, badass women, Latinx mom advice, Instagrammable food, and products with pretty packaging. Her guilty pleasures include eating spoonfuls of dulce de leche, getting the perfect OOTD pic, and watching anything that airs on Bravo. Even though her mom thinks she's pretty cool and talented, you won't find her on any "30 under 30" lists (and time is running out). She's a Capricorn with a Leo moon, which means she's basically a walking contradiction.
Kristin Chirico
Senior Content Producer/Ladylike Cast Member
Kristin is a senior content producer who is a cast member on BuzzFeed’s Ladylike. Her videos and articles about body positivity and unpacking the B.S. behind fashion and style rules have received tens of millions of views on and YouTube, and have seen her try everything from walking in professional runway shows, to trying on wedding dresses at the bridal salon from Say Yes To The Dress, to following high school dress codes from around the country.
Emily Erhart
As/Is Video Producer
Award-winning director/producer/writer. 60% Wednesday Addams, 40% Betty Draper. She’s created video content for legacy style brands such as Seventeen, InStyle, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Good Housekeeping, and, currently, BuzzFeed’s new beauty and style brand As/Is! Lover of French cinema, '90s girl-power pop, and Surrealist art. Stands for feminism, body positivity, and the comeback of Disney-era Lindsay Lohan. Also an aspiring collector of Britney Spears' artwork.
Augusta Falletta
Supervising Producer
Most of the time, Augusta's working with her team on videos and articles. The rest of the time, she's testing beauty products and training for a half marathon (separately, of course). She's indoorsy, extremely organized, and a really, really old woman at heart.
Shila Farahani
As/Is Video Producer
Shila hails from the lone star state of Texas, where she spent most of her time eating queso and listening to Drake. She started her entertainment career in LA working for Scooter Braun Projects. During her time there, she did everything from filming videos for pop artists to sifting through Justin Bieber’s fan mail. Some of her other work includes assistant directing a Martin Garrix music video and producing a film that competed in the Austin Film Festival. At BuzzFeed, she’s continued to work on projects centered on music, celebrities, and self-confidence. “Started at the bottom, now we here” making Ariana Grande ponytail videos and eating Flamin' Hot Cheetos.
Essence Gant
Beauty Editor
In 2010, Essence convinced her parents to let her move to New York for her master's in social work, a degree she's still paying for and has yet to use. It was an excuse for her to come to the big city and pursue her real dreams in the beauty industry, though, so the sacrifice has been worth it. These days, she makes beauty content for underrepresented audiences and is especially passionate about amplifying the voices of women of color. Every day, Essence strives to be more like Oprah, Tyra, Jay-Z, Diddy, and Black Jesus. You should also know that she and Blue Ivy have the same birthday.
Sarah Han
Staff Writer
Sarah is a New York City–based staff writer covering everything from beauty to shopping. She's also a K-pop aficionado (watch out for her permanently impending debut) and wine connoisseur wannabe — aka she loves experimenting with bold makeup looks at home while wine-drunk by herself. She would prefer to be buried wearing red lipstick (and requests a change of lipstick every month because she couldn't possibly stick to ~just~ red) and as much gold highlighter as physically possible.
Kuwilileni Hauwanga
Video Producer
A loud-talking, whimsy-loving tornado of a human being making work about women's lives, beauty, style, sex, sexuality, race, and all the witchy things in between. In other words, just a lady who loves the wilderness, patterns, conversations that go deeper then intended, bright colors, and anything with a hint of magic.
Chantel Houston
Senior Producer
Chantel Houston is a producer and creator at BuzzFeed. Over the years, she has been an integral part in forming some of BuzzFeed's largest properties, including Top Knot, the NBC Olympics Snapchat Partnership, and, currently, Ladylike. In addition to creating shows, she has produced many scripted pieces, including 'Lose Some Weight', which garnered 2.9 million views and won the 'Excellence in Inspiration' Award at the 2017 Buffer Festival. Houston is best known for creating meaningful and entertaining videos for women, people of color, and underserved audiences.
Beau Kiniry
Publishing and Content Strategist
In addition to being a social media and publishing content strategist, Beau likes to listen to classic rock and create PowerPoints about her favorite movies in her spare time. She's convinced people to see Mad Max: Fury Road, Crimson Peak, and The Age of Innocence all through the power of presentation. Fun fact: She was pulled on stage by Bruce Springsteen one time, and it was the best. day. ever.
Selorm Kploanyi
As/Is Video Producer
Selorm is a woman of many talents. She has produced over 50 videos on topics such as female empowerment, black culture, world issues, and all things weird. When she's not making videos, she's usually making music or singing around the office. She can be found passing out mixtapes at Venice Beach.
Christina Lan
Video Producer
Christina is a video producer, secret international pop star, and artistic juggler based in NYC. When she's not shopping at thrift stores or raiding Ricky's for cosmic hair colors, she's reading everyone's birth charts with at least five crystals in hand. Available for astrological/tarot readings and any of your nonprofessional shamanistic needs.
Devin Lytle
Ladylike Video Producer
When she's not making vidoes for Ladylike or As/Is, you can find Devin teaching pole dancing or watching The Office with her cats. She loves soup and believes that Pamplemousse La Croix is the best flavor hands down.
Chrissy Mahlmeister
As/Is Video Producer
Chrissy writes, edits, and produces beauty and style videos at BuzzFeed where 9 million subscribers can weigh in on her mediocre makeup skills. She has previously worked at InStyle, Lucky, MTV, and The Onion, and she runs a beauty company called Rad Nails, which is carried in Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, to name just a few. In between naps, she likes eating good-ass snacks, avoiding sweating, and telling her dog, Pizza, and cat, Master Splinter, how gorgeous they are 24/7 because it’s true.
Nina Mohan
As/Is Video Producer
In addition to producing, editing, and writing vidoes, Nina has done everything from trying spray-on eyebrows to acting like Selena Gomez on Instagram in her three years at BuzzFeed. She enjoys dabbling in bold makeup, mixing Western styles with desi styles, and promoting women of color through her work. She also loves singing opera, writing scripts, and listening to true-crime podcasts.
Patrice Peck
Beauty Writer
Patrice is all about recognizing, celebrating, and empowering Black women though innovative multimedia content. Before coming to BuzzFeed, she wrote and produced videos at a bunch of places, including Ebony, BET, OkayAfrica, Huffington Post Black Voices, and HelloBeautiful. Feel free to shoot story ideas and pitches to her email address!
Maitland Quitmeyer
Shopping and Products Editor
Maitland is a New York–based editor with big hair and an even bigger lipstick collection. She enjoys overdressing for every occasion and believes that if bargain shopping were a competitive sport, she would have been a varsity athlete. If she ever finds the perfect pair of high-waisted black pants, she might finally achieve inner peace. Send statement socks, cake bakery recommendations, and (she can't be helped) more lipstick to her email address.
Michael Rose
Senior Video Producer
Mike has been at BuzzFeed since 2013, back when he moved to LA right out of college with no job and somehow miraculously stumbled into the best gig of his life. He was the first gay video producer hired at BuzzFeed, and he's made it his mission to create fun and impactful content around women's issues and LGBT identity. He's produced over 150 videos here, but the highlight was probably when he filmed an interview with Emma Watson as she played with kittens. Mike unapologetically follows more corgis on Instagram than friends (sorry, friends).
Sara Rubin
Senior Video Producer
A skilled writer, illustrator, and director, Sara loves to explore women's issues with abundant creativity and humor. When not making cool videos, she attempts to figure out her slow cooker and avoids eye contact with strangers.
Jen Ruggirello
Video Producer
Jen is a writer, director, and editor. She's currently a cast member of BuzzFeed's series Ladylike. She regularly produces and edits episodes for Ladylike's YouTube channel. When not working on Ladylike, she focuses on content that speaks to the LGBTQ and Asian American communities, as well as the intersections between those two identities. She is incredibly passionate about Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers, filet mignon, and prestige television series.
Marley Schneier
Supervising Producer
Marley is a writer, director, and producer. She currently oversees and manages As/Is productions in Los Angeles. She previously worked as a producer for CNN, where she managed social-first series and worked with Turner's Special Projects unit. She also worked for Uproxx Media, where she developed the Daily Video department and created, produced, and directed several shows. Marley has lived in eight cities — including Atlanta, Dublin, and Washington, D.C. — and she has very strong opinions about what to eat when visiting any of them. She will always want you to tell her her horoscope (she's an Aries), definitely wants to talk to you about the last season of The Crown, and, yes, she wants the rest of your fries.
Emma Tyler
Social Media Strategist
When she's not responding to your comments on Facebook or posting As/Is videos on Instagram, she’s probably live-tweeting a Harry Potter movie marathon. She's a Midwestern girl at heart, and, yes, she says 'pop,' not 'soda.' If she’s not responding to your texts, it’s because she’s photographing her sandwich. Her other passions include Disney Channel Original Movies, bad reality TV, and Will Smith’s rap career.
Peggy Wang
Editorial Director, BuzzFeed Media Brands
Peggy is the founding editor of BuzzFeed. In past lives, she was a coder and writer and played in bands such as the Pains of Being Pure at Heart. She likes TV shows more than movies, dresses more than pants, and cats more than dogs (this is a new development and subject to change).
Chloe Zak
As/Is Video Producer
Chloe loves makeup, cats, wine, and comedy. She's all the way from the overcast lands of Britain, even though she gets called Australian when she opens her mouth. Chloe never leaves the house without winged eyeliner (even though she's terrible at putting it on), and she's obsessed with cats! She don't own a cat though because she would accidentally break it... She's not really that responsible.
Freddie Ransome
Video Producer
Freddie is one of the original cast members and producers of BuzzFeed Ladylike and has excelled in creating content about style, beauty, and social taboos. Her true passion is fashion and style, and she hopes to continue making content around it in a way that encourages people to take style risks and live out loud. Freddie loves TV, and her favorite shows include Breaking Bad, The Office, Black-ish, and This Is Us. Also, Drake saves lives.
Lindsay Webster
Video Producer
By day, Lindsay is a style and video producer. By night, she’s a professional fangirl with a heart for boy bands and Harry Styles. When she’s not shopping for Lizzie McGuire–inspired looks, she’s either watching or eating Korean BBQ. Since 2014, she’s been producing videos for BuzzFeed with a strong aesthetic and quirky twist.
Jazzmyne Robbins
Video Producer
Jazzmyne spent her teenage years trying to 'not stand out' until she one day realized she was never meant to be like everyone else. Yeah, she has some accomplishments, but she would rather hear about your most confident times! Whether you are wearing a crop top for the first time or that bold lipstick you've been too scared to wear, she wants to see you FLAUNT it, honey!