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Gift Ideas
Under $50

We're making Cute Desk Energy a thing in 2019, y'all.

Cute swimmies all under $50!

Bob Ross bandaids, a Jeopardy activity book, everything bagel seasoning, and 29 other things to make you say, "Ugh thanks BuzzFeed, now I NEED THIS!"

I mean, over 15,000 (!!!) positive reviews can't be wrong.

Socks with your dog's face on them, a cute cardigan, a LOL-worthy mug, and other under-$25 goodies you absolutely need in your life.

Dresses, denim, tops, and more pieces that come with a lot of style and a little price tag.

Let your look say "I'm rich" without actually spending all your hard-earned cash.

You can never be too prepared when it comes to dress selection.

Shipping not included.:'(

Just a bunch of really pretty things you can probably afford.

We're talking gorgeous and thoughtful gifts to keep them from having a broken heart... and keep you from being broke

Allllll under $25!

One for each day of the month, because February is *extremely Jean-Ralphio voice* the wooooooooooooorst.

Gorgeous earrings, custom pet portraits, literary cookie cutters, Disney-inspired slow cookers, and a whole bunch of other affordable things that will make the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

You don't have to spend a lot on your sweetie to give 'em a special something they'll love.

Will these products spark joy? Why yes, I thought you'd never ask!

Treat yourself for $25 or less.

Cute flats, an LOL-worthy party game, quirky pens, and more awesome under-$25 things you definitely to deserve to own right this minute.

Everything is under $25!

Let the hibernation begin.

From boots and sneakers to pumps and sandals, cute shoes that'll be as easy on your feet as they are on your wallet.

"Why don't I own these already?" —me, while writing this post.


Everything is under $10!

They're all under $30!

Yes, you can still call your mom every two minutes. OBVIOUSLY.

"Thank you" — your face

Because let's face it: You spent enough on the damn dress.

Just bookmark this list *now* because it's always someone's birthday.