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Gift Ideas
Under $50

Just a bunch of stuff that kid-you and current-you will agree is awesome.

A fox swaddle, diaper wipe warmer, book on quantum physics, and 24 other things the baby in your life *definitely* deserves.

Bob Ross bandaids, a Jeopardy activity book, everything bagel seasoning, and 29 other things to make you say, "Ugh thanks BuzzFeed, now I NEED THIS!"

Sweet, sweet redemption.

I mean, over 15,000 (!!!) positive reviews can't be wrong.

Socks with your dog's face on them, a cute cardigan, a LOL-worthy mug, and other under-$25 goodies you absolutely need in your life.

Deals at Aerie, Urban Outfitters, Madewell, and more!

Save $$$ on all kinds of great buys: TVs, tablets, gaming gear, smart home products, and more.

Tax season doesn't have to be a total drag!

25% off crowd-pleasing vibrators and more when you use our ~BuzzFeed exclusive~ promo code!

Deals on mattresses, bedding, living room furniture, cookware, storage, ummmmm...basically everything?!

Bourbon-flavored lip balm, a rose-gold karaoke microphone, faux-fur lined house slippers, and 21 other favorite products from our recent posts.

A super cute bathing suit, jar of Keto Butter, copy of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and 15 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Caffeinated mints, a life-changing antiperspirant, a milk frother, and more awesome goods to help you get through loooooooooong weeks.

Raise your hand if you're *that* friend 👀🙋🏽

Stock up on clothes and accessories at up to 80% off.

Super fast-drying nail polish, a genius salad slicer, a luxe bath mat, and more affordable products you'll wonder how you lived without.

Deals at Topshop, Target, Aerie, and more!

From laptop stickers to a keyboard with a rainbow backlight, you're going to want ALL of these things.

Playing tug-o-war with Fido is suddenly a high stakes game.

We're all too old now for this hot mess nonsense.

Aka, stuff they won't Kondo ASAP.

Your life is about to get a whole lot less stressful.

Deals on Gucci watches, home storage solutions, power washers, and more!

All you have to do is print it out, put it in a card, and let 'em know their gift is on the way! (You're welcome.)

I see you, procrastinators.

Wake up, actually get out of bed, take on the day!

Charcoal powder, whitening paste, and LED kits for every budget and ease-of-use that'll get 👏you👏 those👏 pearly👏 whites!

These sweatshirts will keep you cozy while showing off all your black pride.

Make your wallet happy while gettin' your tech geek on.